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Mama Bear Wears This to School Board...

The same outfit a transvestite wore during an after-school drag performance!

Demanding answers about the outcome of an investigation of an after-school drag performance in May, Kimberly Reicks appeared before the Ankeny School Board in an outfit same as the one that a performer in the show wore.

A high school in Ankeny, Iowa held an after-school drag performance for students.

In response, a mother in the district named Kimberly Reicks showed up to a school board meeting dressed in the outfit that the drag performer wore in front of students.

District officials said that they had not approved the performance in advance and that organizers did not follow protocol in putting on the event.

At the same time, as the Register noted in May, Ankeny High School pep rallies have featured performances by male athletes dressed as cheerleaders.

That is wholeheartedly laughable 🤣

That’s their defense for ‘not following protocal’?

In that case, why not mention that children dress up for halloween as well!

Drag show for kids do seem to be all the rage in Des Moines Iowa.

For LGBTQ youths, Des Moines' all-ages drag show is about more than just performing

That was some epic trolling to get the boards attention!

Alex Stein would be proud, Iowa Mama Bears 💪🐻

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