Sexualization of Innocence 🫃👠

There is a growing trend in K-12 schools all across America. Children are being groomed into an identity crisis. Made to believe that the body they were born of may be “incorrect”.

They are being desensitized to sexual adjectivity through all means of society. We are slowly watching people normalize pedophilia using such innocuous terms such as MAPs - Minor Attracted Persons to describe these deviant sexual predators!

You can not destigmatize pedophilia! Call it what it is - perversion, grooming, pedophilia!

Sexual abuse is rampant amung our schools, and with this new horrific pre-k and elementary school "Sexual Revolution" it will only be exacerbated!

Delaware scored an ‘F’!

Delaware scored an ‘F’ in the 2022 Shared Hope International Report Card

Below you will find abhorrent examples to support this claim 👇