Delaware Schools are Failing our Children!

This page will be updated with articles & resources necessary to keep you, the tax payer, updated & informed of your (over inflated) investment into the education of our youth.

Delaware Government has irresponsibly and purposefully misused public funds “for one’s own personal gain” - which is to push an ideological socialist agenda over Independence, Individualism, Entrepreneurship, & Academic Achievement.

Faith, Family, Positive Influences/Role Models, and Determination are just some of the ingredients used to create successful, entrepreneurial, self-sufficient individuals.

Below are examples of such successful and influential Americans who, against the “hand that they were dealt”, are exemplary examples of the American Dream. These individuals & their stories deserve to be hoisted upon a pedestal. Their stories of ambition, perseverance, & integrity told as an inspiration to other children who are told that they can not succeed due to the “inequities” that block their path.

This is pure political projection by those very same people who’s claim of “inequities” become the very obstacle they must overcome.

Dr. Ben Carson - World Renown Pediatric Neurosurgeon

I found this inspirational poem written from a parent to their son inside the pages of an 1857 sixth grade McGuffey’s Reader.

Persever is an obsolete form of persevere

Delaware Students proficiency during the 2021-2022 school year.

  • 42.36% English language arts (ELA)

  • 29.48% Math

  • 87.02% Graduation Rate

Delaware Report Card

What is the Report Card?

Delaware aims to enable parents and stakeholders to engage meaningfully in public education decisions, which is only possible when they have access to clear, robust, timely and continuous information about how their students and schools are doing throughout the state. Check out the Snapshot link below to see highlights of education in Delaware. 


Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund

aka - Covid Funds

If there is one thing I can give Delaware’s Department of Education credit for, it is that they are fairly transparent. This link1 will take you to the ESSER funding page where you can view each district’s proposed spending plan as well as the ESSER Financial Transparency Report.

Schooling Delaware Newsletter
January 10th Board Meeting I appreciate you continuing in-person learning. I urge you to continue to do so, and not shut down in person learning again. We all remember what happened when we shut down for two weeks..... TWO years ago! Schools have rec…
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